Criteria for dog donors:

  • Be healthy, obedient and even tempered
  • Be between the ages of 1 and 8 years old
  • Weigh at least 50 pounds
  • Have all vaccinations up-to-date
  • Receive heartworm preventative April through October
  • Be willing to donate at least 6 times a year

Once your dog is approved as a donor, she/he will be scheduled to donate a minimum of six times a year at a local veterinary clinic or other designated location. Occasionally, you may be called for emergency donations with the understanding that any donations beyond 6 times a year are voluntary. Your dog can safely donate as frequently as once a month, assuming good nutrition and iron supplementation are regularly provided.

The procedure takes 10 to 30 minutes and is not painful to your pet. The most common side effect may be mild bruising at the site of collection. Upon completion, you can take your dog home, however, strenuous exercise should be avoided for 1 to 2 days.

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Donor Benefits

Free blood screening and priority status

As a donor, your pet will receive a free blood screening for blood type, and multiple organ abnormalities and blood-borne diseases. If any abnormalities are noted, those issues will need to be handled through your veterinarian. Your dog also receives priority status for blood in case a transfusion is needed because of injury or disease.

Donor dog tags

The donor dog tags with your pet’s blood type and a unique ID number can help in emergencies. If your dog is hurt and needs a transfusion, no time will be wasted in determining the correct blood type. If your dog is lost, the ID number can provide a way to track your dog faster and easier.

$75-$150 reimbursement for preventive care

You’ll receive a reimbursement for annual preventive veterinary care up to $150, depending on blood type and number of donations. After your dog donates 6 units of blood, we’ll send your veterinarian a check or, if you prefer, we’ll make a contribution to the animal-related organization of your choice.

Making a difference

Perhaps the most important benefit of having your dog become a blood donor is knowing you’re making a difference in the nationwide community of pet lovers.